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Be Well was created by best-selling author and celebrity holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to help people reach their health goals and obsess less about food by understanding nutrition science. With a simple formula for creating blood-sugar balancing meals and other joyful wellness strategies, Kelly's voice is delightfully unique in the space. Kelly & team tasked us with taking the Be Well brand to the next level, conveying a relatable, reliable resource for all things wellness. In addition to revamping their identity with strategy, design and messaging, we elevated their presence with a new website and elevated product packaging system.


Here’s How: To reflect Be Well’s down-to-earth style, we positioned the brand as Clean Nutrition for Real Life Wellness. Carrying that ethos to the logomark, we chose a clean, sophisticated sans serif and complimented it with a graceful submark that speaks to balance, health and care. We rounded out the Be Well brand name with the friendly, supportive tagline All Day, Every Day. And then continued to bring Kelly’s superstar-next-door conversational cadence to messaging that breaks down everything you need to know about food, health and wellness, simply and spiritedly. This included a headline system that combines the aspirational with the practical, bringing a healthy mix to all communications. We brought that balance into packaging design with a system that’s clean and minimal, reflecting the brand’s product formulation, yet feels friendly, inviting and warm, with a soothing color palette. As part of that suite, we created a custom vessel perfect for countertop display, providing an elevated, intentional experience for customers to enjoy every day. Then, we expanded upon the identity and packaging work by fleshing out a full website and e-commerce experience to house everything Be Well now, and in the future.

Enjoy more.
Obsess less.

We expanded upon the identity work by fleshing out a full website and e-commerce experience to house everything Be Well now, and in the future.
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